The Success Story of Pochampally Sarees

The Success Story of Pochampally Sarees

Pochampally sarees are an absolute delight for almost every woman. These glorious Pochampally sarees are called by different names like Pogudubandhu or Pochampally. Technically, weaving each piece of these Pochampally Ikkat sarees is an art. Most of the weavers behind these handcrafted masterpieces are from the Padmasali Community. These weavers are popular for their unique weaving pattern.

It’s origin

The small town named Bhoodan Pochampally marked its lawful place as a silk mine in Indian history since the 18th century. This era witnessed the magical beauty of the fabric that emerged out of the Pochampally town. The town had 80 villages under it which introduced this artwork with the use of traditional looms. The Pochampally town is near about 45 km from Hyderabad, presently in the Telangana state. It is in the vicinity of the famous Ramoji Film city. The town is surrounded by lush green fields and hills.

The history of the manufacturing of Pochampally Ikat sarees dates back to the 1950s. Unlike the handloom industry in Orissa, the Pochampally saree weaving pattern depicts a modern look that doesn’t hold on to the strong native roots. In the Nalgonda district, Pochampally is famous for the Ikat sarees. Though initially, the town started with only a handful of weavers soon it became renowned for the classic fabric is produced. Pochampally town stood as big competition for the other silk manufacturers over the country. Eventually, in the year the 1970s, the group of headmen of Pochampally decided to blend cotton with silk by weaving them together for a better earning. This was a revolutionary move in the Pochampally handloom industry. This journey of weaving took the skilled weavers to Bangalore and then marked the onset of this popular artwork which successfully spread worldwide. Though Pochampally started with traditional looms, by the year 1999 this practice spread over 100 villages. The process adopted to weave Pochampally ikat silk sarees were cost-effective, time-saving and maker-friendly.

Pochampally which is a typical weaving town is the hub where the threads and colours are magically woven into beautiful sarees and dress materials by the skilful weavers. The weaving process of these traditional Pochampally silk sarees is said to be fetched from Chirala to this small town of Pochampally. At Chirala, the art was locally known as chit-ku. This ikat technique of weaving technique has been widely appreciated due to the fabric’s unique identity, as compared to the other Ikat producing units.

Its uniqueness

The weaving pattern of Pochampally is known as Ikat, Patola or Chitku. The Pochampally Ikat sarees not only have a good market in India but abroad as well. This inspires the weavers to come up with exclusive latest designs. All the sarees woven in the small town Pochampally town are sold in the urban parts of the state and all over the world. The Pochampally weavers incorporate quality designs in their Ikat sarees. Amidst the other popular weaves like Gadwal, Kanchi, Venkatagiri, Dharmavaram etc. Pochampally has made a special place in the handloom market. It is popular for its tie and dye weaving pattern. The colours used are all from natural sources. People love these organic colour saree as they retain their shine and elegance for years and is safe for the skin too.

Different influences down the line

The original handloom village of Pochampally which is popular for its authentic handwoven products since the 18th century has now turned out to be a pool of talented and creative weavers. But down the line, i.e. by the year 1999 with the introduction of the automated equipment and machines the manufacturing process of the fabric turned out to be a lot more cost effective, maker-friendly, time-saving and effort saving too. The implementation of the modern methods made the weaving and dyeing process of Pochampally silk fabric much easier and definitely convenient.

Global acceptance

When we talk about global acceptance, Pochampally Ikat silk sarees have successfully won the heart of many women all across the world. A lot of factors like the comfort level it offers, the fact that it can be conveniently carried in all seasons, its elegance and not to say about its artistically weaved motifs has made this saree widely popular across the globe. All over the world women, be it young or aged has gladly accepted these sarees and embraced them as a part of their life. The biggest news is, with time it is gaining popularity. The presence of the ikkat silk sarees online has played a major role in keeping up the demand.

The innovative moves

Considering the changing taste of fashion amongst the new generation, weavers have also updated the motifs, designs and patterns used in weaving the Pochampally Ikat silk fabric. Both the new and the older aged skilled weavers have made an effort to understand the requirement of today’s generation and come up with a lot of items where their artwork is reflected. The variety of other creative items include household stuff, personal use items or gift items that have been introduced eventually depicting the Pochampally Ikat art. These items are being usually imprinted by the fabric woven by the craftsmen of the village and given that authentic glamorous look.

The present state of the art

Both the Pochampally Handloom Tie and Dye Silk Sarees Manufacturers Association and the Pochampally Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society Ltd. have taken up the Pochampally sarees as their registered property. The Pochampally Ikat fabric received the government attestation certifying its characteristics, quality and its place of origin in the year 2005. The Weavers Cooperative Society was set up in the year 1955 and it sells its products all over the country by taking part in several exhibitions. It also received many awards. Together they account for a massive sales figure of Rs. 100,000,000. This form of art has also made its place in UNESCO’s (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) which houses the list of world’s heritage sites including the iconic saree weaving groups of India.

Some of the Indian designers have given in an effort to bring this handloom fabric into the limelight. You will find designer Pochampally Ikat sarees for sale at the Taj Khazana stores within the Taj Hotels across the country. It has made a prominent place in the wardrobe of some of the Bollywood celebrities. One of the renowned weavers Beemanapally Venkatesham with his team of weavers worked tirelessly for weaving 200 Pochampally Ikkat shawls before the Prapancha Telugu Mahasabhalu. Venkatesham’s Pochampally Ikkat shawl was used for welcoming the prime minister Narendra Modi twice. India women’s cricket team captain Mithali Raj was also paid honour on her successful world cup achievement with the Pochampally Ikkat shawl.

The role played by Niayaa Craftloom

In this age of online shopping Pochampally Ikat silk sarees have also successfully made its place in several online stores. Niayaa Craftloom is one of them where you will come across the handloom sarees with the price so that you can pick the one that suits you the best. Niaayaa is a group of artistic professionals who work together to in weaving the finest apparel for today’s modern woman. They have taken the initiative in keeping up the magnificent work of the craftsmen and delivering it to the global audience. They passionately deliver some of the finest handloom creations to you at your doorstep.

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